Deconstructing Digital Rights: Promises and Problems of Rights-Based Politics
by Kari Karppinen, University of Helsinki

Paper presented at the Nordmedia 2017 conference, Political communication division Tampere 17-19 August 2017

There are a range of concrete policy and legal issues that currently raise human rights concerns related to issues, such as net neutrality, copyright and piracy, surveillance and privacy, data protection, and content filtering. Aside from specific legal issues, human rights principles also bear upon broader concerns about the structure and future development and governance of digital media, such as equal access to the internet, or the problems associated with the “structural power” of dominant internet platforms and corporations who increasingly control data flows (e.g. Horten 2016).

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Published  in Routledge Companion to Media  and Human Rights (2017), edited by H. Tumber & S. Waisbord.

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