Technological Trade with the Former Eastern Bloc: The Evolution of Export Control and Its Relationship to Structural Trade Barriers

By  Cecelia A. Schier

In Rutgers Computer & Technology Law Journal

Reference: 19 Rutgers Computer & Tech. L.J. (1993), pp251 and 254


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"The construction of a modern telecommunications infrastructure is a critical step toward the economic development of the region"

Citation given is: Monica Horten, A Magnet for Suppliers, FIN.TIMES, Oct 15, 1992 Section 3 Survey, at 8.

James Hatt, regional director of Cable and Wireless, stressed that Western businesses must be highly selective in doing business in Eastern Europe: "Every day three or four so-called opportunities cross my desk. It has got to be more than an opportunity to go in and merelly 'make a quick buck'. It must be one that allows us to expand as the economy stabilises and expands."

Cited to Horten, supra note 147.