Fighting an Anonymous Enemy: The Uncertainty of Auction Sites in the Face of Tiffany v. eBay and LVMH v. eBay

By Shanna Bailey (2009)

In California Western International Law Journal 


Reference:  40 Cal. W. Int'l LJ 129


Available at: HEINOline


"See also Monica Horten, Is the EU Gunning for  Bay?, IPTEGRITY.COM, May 16, 2008,
 (statement of Phillippe Lacoste,  Chairman of Lacoste clothing manufacturer) ("'eBay ils doivent prendre
responsabilite,"' which translates to, "'eBay must take responsibility."'


"Lawmakers in France appear to be sending the same  message, going so far as to hold a conference on the matter, but not formally giving eBay an opportunity to state its case on the conference floor. At this conference, Marc Antoine Jamet, chairman of Unifab, the French anti-counterfeit organization, "called directly for legislative controls to be placed on the large Internet sites, including eBay "

Citation: Horten, supra (as above)