Miguel Vargas Martin, Miguel A. Garcia-Ruiz, Arthur Edwards (2011) , Technology for Facilitating Humanity and Combating Social Deviations .

IGI Global. See p200.

 The leading principle in the EU on the liability of Internet  Service Providers has been that of “mere conduit” (Article 12, Directive on electronic Commerce) Critics believe that legal proposals such as the Telecommunications Package attempt to make the ISPs liable for the data that is being run through their systems – thereby creating a monitored Internet (see Horten 2008).

Horten, M (2008) The Telecoms Package and the copyright amendments  - a European legal framework to stop downloading and monitor the Internet, 28 June 2008.






The Copyright Enforcement Enigma 'accurate and absorbing account of the story of the Telecoms Package' -Journal of International Commercial Law and Technology

'...a must read for those interested in knowing in depth about copyright enforcement and Internet.' -Journal of Intellectual Property Rights.  

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Copyright Enforcement Enigma launch, March 2012

European Parliament launch for Copyright Enforcement Enigma

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