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Data Protection and Privacy

The protection of personal data and privacy is an increasingly hot  political issue concerning  the European Union. This section will report on the controversies entailed in the processing of the  Regulation on Protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation). The rapporteur was German Green lawyer, MEP Jan Albrecht. He had a tough time and ultimately produced a compromise that was not entirely satisfactory for either industry of citizen advocates.

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The EU Data Protection Regulation has  four times the number of amendments as the Telecoms Package.  How will the rapporteur handle this disproportionate application of lobbying?

 The full scale of the lobbying crisis over new European privacy rules has been exposed today as the rapporteur, Jan Albrecht, published his full draft report with  amendments. They total a staggering  three thousand, one hundred and thirty-three,  on 1347 pages. He  will need a court-room trolley to carry them around. How will he handle the massive conflict that the content of the amendments reflects ? 

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The review of the European privacy law – also known as the Data Protection Regulation – has come in for some comment about the lobbying and the eye-opening revelations about the scale of the corporate lobbyists amendments that have been tabled by MEPs.  But  I feel that this is a rather simplistic way of looking at it. As academics, we have more sophisticated job to do. We have to ask, what is the politics? What is problem that we are being critical of? To say, there’s a lot of lobbying may be a starting point, but is a very long way from the end-game.  So  what does it really take to analyse amendments in European legislation?

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It’s all about money, get it!

Apart from banker bashing and fishing quotas, the toughest  political  battle in  the European Parliament this year will be the one over  data protection. Indeed, if the Telecoms Package fight over copyright was  hot, this one is a cauldron of fire. MEPs will have to step carefully where angels fear to tread.

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