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The latest report from Liberation suggests that the so-called Hadopi law, which will bring in anti-file-sharing sanctions, is to go before the Parliament on 4 March.

This is one week earlier than originally scheduled, and appears to meet the demands of the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, who personally called for the law to be voted on in March.

The law, officially known as the 'Creation and Internet law' will bring in graduated response measures, sanctioning Internet users by terminating their Internet access, if they are alleged to have downloaded copyrighted material. It has been waiting since last October, when it went before the Senate, for its slot in the Assemblee Nationale. In order to get it through the legislature more quickly, it is only to get one reading in each of the two Parliamentary institutions.

The French campaigning group, La Quadrature du Net, has produced a new analysis which heavily criticises the law. La Quadrature says the law is "ineffective, unworkable and is attempting to address the wrong problem ". It believes the law will not contribute any economic benefits.


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