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Policy matters

Policy does matter. We may think that the Internet is a free digital environment, where no laws apply but there are many cases which contradict this notion.

In this section of Iptegrity.com, I  report on EU policy related to the Internet and online content, in particular, where policy intiatives affect   access to film, music and television, and I highlight issues for the  policy debate in relation to the Internet.  For 2008-2009, copyright enforcement has been the hot topic, with net neutrality emerging as well, in 2009.   My focus is on the European Union and  its member states - for example,  I am currently covering Internet  policy - specifically copyright enforcement intiatives - in France and the UK.

I am most interested in the citizen's perspective. However, the issues I cover will affect the Internet and telecoms industries, as well as the media and entertainment industries.  

Iptegrity.com offers  original reporting from the EU, as well as comment and opinion on issues raised in other media, including non-English language media in Europe. Iptegrity.com is the main English-language news source for the Telecoms Package review of EU telecoms law.

Meta's decision to encrypt private chats by default is timed to coincide with a period of political uncertainty before Parliamentary elections in the EU and UK. This article explores why that timing matters. 

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End-to-end encrypted services out of scope
Targetting of individuals or groups only with reasonable suspicion and judicial warrant plus judicial oversight of hash lists
No mandatory age verification for app stores and communications services

The European Parliament's Civil Liberties Committee has today formally adopted a political compromise on its proposed new law to tackle child sexual abuse online. In legislative terms, it is a significant breakthrough on this very sensitive issue that had risked becoming dead-locked. This new proposal offers a new way forward that protects children and privacy. It has the potential to be agreed by a wide range of stakeholders.

**UPDATE 22 NOVEMBER  This position has been formally adopted by the European Parliament. Negotiations with the Council of Ministers can begin.**

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New draft rules for Internet platforms have been released this week by Ofcom. The rules tackle a wide range of content which the government now says is illegal. They address unlawful migration, harassment, online fraud, and even public protests.

This is the first in a suite of expected announcements over the next nine months which will tell the Internet and tech industries what content moderation and other actions they are expected to take.

So what is in the announcement?

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Iptegrity.com is the website of Dr Monica Horten. I am an  independent policy advisor: online safety, technology and human rights. In April 2024, I was appointed as an independent expert on the Council of Europe Committee of Experts on online safety and empowerment of content creators and users. I am a published author, and post-doctoral scholar. I hold a PhD from the University of Westminster, and a DipM from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. I cover the UK and EU. I'm a former tech journalist, and an experienced panelist and Chair. My media credits include the BBC, iNews, Times, Guardian and Politico.

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