The Danish Telecommunications Association is to back an appeal in the Supreme Court against a ruling to block the Pirate Bay.

The ruling was made against the ISP Tele2 in February 2008, in a law suit that was filed by IFPI. Tele2 was ordered to block access to the Pirate Bay. The ruling  was upheld in a high court appeal in November 2008. According to a report in TorrentFreak , Tele2 has announced that it is  to appeal again in the Supreme court, with the industry support, because if the ruling stands, it might lead to  further blocking of Internet content.

This fear is supported by an IFPI press statement in which it says

that "this is the latest step in attempts by the creative industries to engage ISPs in helping to stop massive copyright indfringement on the Internet". IFPI's chairman, John Kennedy, is quoted in the statement as saying: "This is a very important decision which sets a precedent for other countries and highlights the key role that ISPs should play in helping protect copyright online ." He adds that he hopes it is 'the start of the endgame' for the Pirate Bay. 

Kennedy's statements are significant in light of the EU Telecoms Package amendments to impose "co-operation" between ISPs and organisations such as the IFPI, as well as other EU policy iniatives which will seek to take forward the copyright enforcement agenda that IFPI promotes. 



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