New EU Commissioner promises copyright reform, but can he deliver? by Monika Ermert, in Internet Policy Review, 23 Oct 2014

But being a newcomer to the dossier and refraining from giving detailed answers on how he wants to achieve what could not be
achieved by his predecessors over the years, many are doubtful if the European bureaucrat can deliver. Monica Horten, an expert in European copyright and telecom policy working as a Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics & Political Science, thinks there is a structural problem with Oettinger’s dossier. “Copyright and telecom are completely orthogonal. Copyright is based on exclusivity, while telecom lives on openness and the network effects,” Horten said to the Internet Policy Review.

The new Commissioner also expressed that he was taking off where his colleagues had left. These were, Horten noted, more focussed on enforcement once more. One left-over, for example, is a draft Notice-and-Take-Down Directive which had been
revived by the Commission after a long sleep earlier this year. While withdrawn over the election period, it might very well be one
of the topics on the agenda.