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I was interviewed by The Guardian for an article about the government's amendment to the Online Safety Bill to block videos of asylum seekers crossing the Channel in small boats. 

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Censorship fears over plan to keep Channel people-smugglers off social media

by Dan Milmo 18 January 2023 

Open Rights Group, which campaigns for privacy and free speech online, said the change could force social media companies into overzealous policing of their platforms. This could include taking down lawful posts with automated systems based on “perceptual hashing”, which effectively compares posts taken from social media feeds against a database of images.

“The chances are they would rely on artificial intelligence techniques, or content moderation systems based on perceptual hashing,” said Dr Monica Horten, a policy manager at ORG. “Both options entail risks of over-blocking. Lawful posts could be censored, with serious implications for public discourse in the UK.”

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