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I am a writer and policy analyst  specialising  in  Internet governance. I have a particular interest in human rights issues, notably freedom of expression and privacy as they affect the Internet. 

 I am a Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science. In 2015-16, I have been working on a number of Council of Europe projects as an expert.  In January 2014, I was appointed as a member of the Council of Europe Committee of Experts on cross-border flow of Internet traffic and Internet freedom.

My latest book 'The Closing of the Net' deals with the power politics and lobbying of the Internet corporations.

I have written two other books.   A Copyright Masquerade How Corporate  Lobbying Threatens Online Freedoms was published in 2013 by ZedBooks. The books discusses the politics of  copyright enforcement,  including the UK's Digital Economy Act and spain's Ley Sinde. It updates Drahos and Braithwaite's 'Information Feudalsim' with a discussion of intellectual property politics in the United States, and how it got into trade policy - of interest to those following the ongoing trade talks such as EU-US (TTIP) and the TRans-Pacfic Partnership (TPP).  It  follows this with a discussion of ACTA and the EU political outcome.  My other book The Copyright Enforcement Enigma - Internet politics and the 'Telecoms Package'  was published in December 2011 by Palgrave Macmillan.  If you are interested, please  click through the link for more information, including a contents list.   

I am available for speaking engagements, conference presentations and any  other research or consultancy projects. Please contact me if you have a project or event you would like to discuss.

I am happy to say that I successfully defended  my PhD thesis - entitled The Political Battle for Online Content in the European Union - on 7 September 2010, with no corrections I researched my PhD at  the University of Westminster  Communications and Media Research Institute (CAMRI), where I was a self-funded student.  I am currently a member of a Brussels working group on Internet policy and 'freedoms'. I have presented aspects of my research in Berlin, Washington. Barcelona  and Brussels, including in  the European Parliament. The details of these presentations are in the pages under 'Presentations'.  I've written two  papers  based on my PhD  research,  published  by the American University,  Washington College of Law  and JIPITEC (see Published Work).

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Australian National University (ANU), and a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.  In 2006, I obtained a Masters Degree with Distinction, in Communications Policy, from the University of Westminster.

I have a long porfolio career behind me. Some readers  may remember me from my days as an IT and telecoms  journalist, reporting on matters that are now regarded as 'historical', such as the liberalisation of UK telecoms in the 1980s.   I've been able to retrieve some of my old articles, and you will see them in the pages under 'Published Work'.  I'm delighted to say that my first published work as an academic writer also appears in this section. 

I launched at the end of 2007 as an online cv with a blog. The blog has been more successful than I imagined. My  blog  gets up to 20,000 page viewsevery month,  and it has built into a publication which is influential  in policy circles.  It iis read  in Europe,  the US, Russia, Japan and Australia.    Articles on have even inspired questions in the European Parliament! is cited by academics and scholars - see ' My  Citations,' and by media - see 'Media Quotes'.  does not receive funding from any organisations and is entirely produced by me. It  is released free of charge.  I am grateful to those who have referenced it. Please do not plagiarise I would respectfully ask everyone who benefits from it to acknowledge my work with a  citation, including my name, the site name and a back-link. It is only by giving such acknowledgements  that the  idea of a "Commons" can  have any meaning.

If you would like to use any of the material commercially, or in the course of your business, please contact me.









The Copyright Enforcement Enigma tells the story of the 2009 Telecoms Package and how the copyright industries tried to hijack it.

'accurate and absorbing account of the story of the Telecoms Package' -Journal of International Commercial Law and Technology

'...a must read for those interested in knowing in depth about copyright enforcement and Internet.' -Journal of Intellectual Property Rights.  

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Copyright Enforcement Enigma launch, March 2012

European Parliament launch for Copyright Enforcement Enigma

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The Copyright Enforcement Enigma - Internet Politics and the ‘Telecoms Package’

by Monica Horten

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