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Professional speaking engagements - making an Impact!

I have been an invited speaker at international conferences in many different policy venues, including in the European Parliament, where I also launched my book in 2012. I have spoken at academic conferences at leading universities, and in many different cities including London, Berlin, Kiev, Washington and Barcelona. I have presented on topics concerning Internet governance, including copyright, privacy and human rights.

I am a trained public speaker, and a member of Toastmasters International (Advanced Communicator Silver). I am happy to act as panel chair or moderator. The skills I value in public speaking are the ability to craft a speech tailored for the audience and the ability to keep to time.

Click through the list below to see some of my speeches and presentations:

EDPS Seminar on the EU CSAM proposal
IAPP Data Protection Intensive 2023
Portsmouth University June 2023
Parliament and Internet 2023
CyberSecurity Summit 2022
Public Law Project 2022
Political Studies Association Anti-politics Group February 2020
European Parliament Micro-targetting & Profiling Event November 2019
Council of Europe Workshop on Internet Intermediaries, Tbilisi December 2018
GDPR & Brexit Presentation BCS - EuroCIO Event April 2018
Post Brexit International Trade - Maidenhead Chamber of Commerce Feb 2018
Data is the new currency
Training Internet and Human Rights - Baku
2017 Election Hustings Maidenhead
LSE: Internet Intermediaries in a Time of Political Uncertainty
Nicosia 2017: Freedom of Expression Online
European Audiovisual Observatory: December 2016
The Future of Public Service Media in Europe: LSE December 2016
Data is the New Currency: London November 2016
Internet & Jurisdiction: Paris November 2016
The EU & UK in the future of the Digital Single Market: 11 November 2016
Restricted and Redacted: London November 2016
British Computer Society London November 2016
Ukraine IGF 14 October 2016
Internet Freedom: Strasbourg September 2016
Intermediary Liability & Content Responsibility: Brussels September 2016
Moldova ICT Summit: April 2016
Internet Governance & Human Rights Kiev 2015
Ukrainian IGF 30 September 2015
University of Podgorica 2015
ECTA Regulatory Conference 2014
Gikii 2014
CEPS - 16 June 2014
LSE public debate - Copyright and Freedoms in a Digital Europe: Liability of Intermediaries
Debate: Tackling Corporate Europe
Council of Europe: Network Neutrality and Human Rights
Exeter University November 2012
Gikii 2012
Regulation and Governance 2012
EuroCPR 2012 Policies for the Future Internet
IDP 2011 Barcelona 11 July 2011
re:publica 2010 Berlin
Washington 19 November 2009
NMI 2009 Berlin 8-10 July 2009
Conference: The future of intellectual property
Seminar: Telecoms Package and Network Filtering
FILMOBILE conference 5 april 2008
London Doctoral Symposia 23 November 2007

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Iptegrity.com is the website of Dr Monica Horten. I am an  independent policy advisor: online safety, technology and human rights. In April 2024, I was appointed as an independent expert on the Council of Europe Committee of Experts on online safety and empowerment of content creators and users. I am a published author, and post-doctoral scholar. I hold a PhD from the University of Westminster, and a DipM from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. I cover the UK and EU. I'm a former tech journalist, and an experienced panelist and Chair. My media credits include the BBC, iNews, Times, Guardian and Politico.

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