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Published work

I have over 20 years experience as a professional writer. listed here are my peer-reviewed academic papers as well as examples of my published journalistic articles.

In my early career, I was a journalist covering the telecommunications and IT industries. I wrote about the deregulation of the UK and European telecommunications markets and the rise of the mobile networks and of course, the Internet. I was using modems to file copy before the World Wide Web had been invented - when the text seemed to go into a black hole and a sub-editor at the end of a phone line said "oh gosh, it's here, it's in the queue"! In those days, a recurring topic from commissioning editors was "mobile data - will it ever have a real application?"

My first editorial role was at Emap on PC User and then Communications Management magazine, followed by a long stint as a freelance, and my work was published in  UK and international newspapers and magazines.

I stopped writing to go and work at ICO Global Communications, and since then I've worked in web marketing and design, until I realised that it was the policy issues that interested me the most, and went back to university to study for my Masters degree.

I used to lug around several chunky portfolios of cuttings, or I used send photocopies of them in the post, but I've discovered that some of my work has  appeared in online archives. Here is a selection from my portfolio.

I've also noted that the Daily Telegraph - for which I wrote on a regular basis from 1989 to 1995 - does not publish its archive pre-2000, and that means there's also a large chunk of my published work that cannot be viewed, so I've scanned in a few examples.

If you are interested in EU policy related to Internet governance,  you may like my book The Closing of the Net which discusses how policy has been shaped by State and non-State actors.


If you are interested in copyright policy, you may like my previous books A Copyright Masquerade: How Corporate Lobbying Threatens Online Freedoms and The Copyright Enforcement Enigma - Internet Politics and the ‘Telecoms Package’

Algorithms Patrolling Content: Where’s the Harm?
Content responsibility: The looming cloud of uncertainty for Internet intermediaries
Freedom of Expression, Human Rights Standards and Private Online Censorship
The Policy Challenge Of Content Restrictions: How Private Actors Engage The Duties Of States
Internet Policy Review - The Aereo dilemma and copyright in the cloud
JIPITEC - The Digital Economy Act in the dock
IDP 2011 Proceedings: Copyright at a Policy Cross-Roads
American University College of Law: Where Copyright Enforcement and Net Neutrality Collide
Computer Weekly(2009) The EU Telecoms Package explained
Society for Computers and the Law (2009) Package in Transit
Political Quarterly (2008) File-sharing, Filtering and the Spectre of the Automated Censor
Daily Telegraph (2003) Many happy returns...?
Financial Times (2003) Should we re-define the spam debate?
New Scientist (1993) Early warning for the next Chernobyl
New Scientist (1993) The hot new star of microchips
Financial Times (1995) Early days for retailers
Equestrian Trade News(2005) Why WWW equals customers and cash flow
Management Today (1991) Death of the mainframe
Open Democracy (2006) EU data retention: access all areas
Banking Technology (1993) Cruising the digital highways
Computing (1994) Roadworks - is the world ready for the information superhighway?
The Independent (1994) Law- cutting down the paperwork
Financial Times (1993) Technology provides vital clues
Financial Times (1993) High level of vulnerability
Financial Times (1992) Duopoly challenge in UK telephone services
Financial Times (1991) Backbone of the worldwide corporate network structure - Private networks
Financial Times (1991) Leaping the barriers - Value added services
Accountancy (1993) Personal Telecommunications - ISDN - British Telecom
Telecomeuropa's Personal Communications Newsletter (1992)
The Australian (1993) Vodafone casts net worldwide
The Australian (1991) Brokers Fret over BT Plans
Daily Telegraph (1991) Phone giants battle for world market
Daily Telegraph (1991) EC call for Europe to rule the skies
Daily Telegraph (1991) Telephone rivals call foul
Daily Telegraph (1990) Mercury taps mobile opposition
Daily Telegraph (1990) Battle joined as phone war comes to a head
Accountancy (1990) The market, the monopoly and Mercury
The Times (1990) The reality of the personal communications network...
The Times (1989) Choice still means faults on the line
The Times (1989) American giants dominate market
The Times (1989) The European Commission Tries to disengage national monopolies ...
Communications Management (1989) Oftel Ensures Fair Play


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Copyright Enforcement Enigma launch, March 2012

In 2012, I presented my PhD research in the European Parliament.

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